Our commitment at Royal College of Education and Research for Women is to provide a safe and intellectually challenging environment that will empower young girls to become innovative thinkers, creative problem solvers and inspiring teachers prepared to flourish in the twenty-first century.

I have the honor of being the Principal of this reputed institution.  Over the years, we have built a tradition of excellence at Royal.  We take pride in being an institution where every student can find an avenue for success and strive to find the best in themselves and others.  Our entire staff works very hard to create a positive environment where every person’s unique strengths and talents are appreciated.  We have a culture of high expectations for students and staff alike and it is our sincere goal that each and every one of our students leaves the institution with a plan for the future with the skills necessary to become the most sought teacher in the community.

I am swollen with pride to be a part of the tradition of success that has been built over the past six years at Royal and am honoured to be the Principal.