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Message from the Founder :

My dear young and budding teachers,

This college is for you………. This college is established with a sole motto to produce a bunch of 100 dedicated and conscientious teachers every year who would be empowered to take the message of education to the remotest part of the city and to the poorest and most backward tract.

As a teacher, you should become a towering figure in the life of a student ………. If a student remembers your name at any stage of his/her life long after he/she has forgotten the subject matter taught by you ………. then you can surely rest with inner satisfaction of having performed your duty well……….

Teachers are ordinary souls with extraordinary commitment. Your impression as a teacher on the heart and mind of a child must be indelibly stamped.

I hope and I am confident that this Institution will definitely guide you well to make the finest educator out of you.

From the academic year 2015-16 onwards, B.Ed. course has become two academic years duration programme with more emphasis given on enhancing professional competence and practical knowledge in schools along with number of co-curricular activities and community work. Two batches of students with this new course pattern have already completed two years B.Ed. course in April 2017 successfully. Well framed two years programme divided in four semesters has definitely helped them all to develop their own personality with the self confidence.

I am sure that all the trained teachers who will be stepping out of this Institution after well grooming for two years will be empowered not only to face challenges of this competitive world but also will be empowered to be Outstanding Educators, Researchers and Worthy Contributors to the improvement of education.

Prof. A. E. Lakdawala

The Founder and Chairman