1. Criteria for Admission
  2. Educational qualification as per the Ordinance and Regulations relating to the degree of the Bachelor of Education
  3. Candidates must clear Common Entrance Test (CET) conducted by Government of Maharashtra.
  4. Admissions are given strictly on the basis of merit and are provisional until all the necessary original certificates are submitted to the college and the admission is confirmed by Pravesh Niyantran Samiti of Government of Maharashtra.
  5. Documents to be submitted at the time of admission
  6. Duly completed admission form.
  7. Five coloured photographs ( passport size)
  8. Original Marksheets and passing certificates along with five Xerox copies of
    1. S.C. or Equivalent Examination
    2. S.C. or Equivalent Examination
  • A./B.Sc./B.Com. Degree (F.Y., S.Y., T.Y. –All 3 years)
  1. A/ M.Sc./ M.Com. Degree (Part I, Part II)
  1. Original convocation certificates along with five Xerox copies of –
  2. B.A/ B.Sc./B.Com. Degree
  3. M.A/ M.Sc./ M.Com. Degree
  4. Only for students from Universities other than Mumbai University

Original Migration certificate with five Xerox copies

  1. Discipline
  2. Attendance – All Teacher Trainees are expected to be punctual, give 90% attendance in each semester and in each course failing which they shall not be allowed to appear for semester examination. Since leave of absence will be granted only for illness, all the Teacher Trainees are discouraged from involving themselves in any other activities during the year.
  3. Teacher Trainees must remain present and participate in all events and programmes organized during the course.
  4. Teacher Trainees are required to abide by the rules and regulations and discipline of the practice teaching schools.
  5. Teacher trainees shall abide by all the general and the special rules made by the college authorities from time to time with regard to their conduct and studies.
  6. Teacher Trainee shall appear for all the essays, tests, tutorials as per the schedule put up on the notice board.
  7. Teacher Trainees are expected to read the notice board daily. Also they should make themselves familiar with the University Ordinance and Regulations. They will not be excused for any matter whatsoever on the ground of ignorance due to their failure to read notices.
  8. Dress Code- Teacher Trainees must come to college and practice teaching schools clad in a dress appropriate to an Educational Institution.

Use of mobile phones on the entire college campus except for Ladies Common Room is strictly prohibited. If any Teacher Trainee is found to be using mobile in the college or the campus, the handset will be confiscated.

  1. Identity Card

Entry to college premises is strictly through a valid Identity Card issued by the college authorities which must be worn throughout the stay in college premises.

  1. Yuva Raksha Insurance for Students

In the event of any accident claim, the teacher trainees are required to submit the documents in original to the Company immediately within 8 days of any minor / major accident resulting in hospitalisation. The premium to be paid is ` 38 per annum to cover the insurance scheme of 1 lakh. The college authorities will forward the documents to Insurance Company. For further details the teacher trainees should contact the College Office.