Instructional resources provide economy in time and speech. They simplify the course in terms of complexity. Complex matter can be explained easily as abstract concepts are made concrete. The content becomes vivid and clear to the students. It creates interest among the students and motivates them to learn. It develops a desire on the part of the learners to learn. It encourages participatory learning which leads to deep and lasting understanding of the content. All the Instructional resources in the Mathematics Laboratory like models (Non-working and working), 3D models, and geometry boxes are available to students and faculty members for the purpose of teaching. At the time of Internship, the students are allowed to get those materials issued from the laboratory. Similarly, faculty members make use of these Instructional resources at the time of providing instructions and demonstrations. The learning resources/ Improvised apparatus made by the students are also available for teaching and learning. There are different learning resources which are made by students for the laboratory like graphic organizer, teaching aids with clay and content relevant cartoons and a Flannel board.